• MUTH 5370: Analytical Techniques III, Summer I 2018
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, (and one Friday, June 8) online
  • Office Hours: To be Announced

  • Instructor: Dr. David Bard-Schwarz
  • Office: MU 104
  • E-mail: david.schwarz@unt.edu

In this course we will listen to and analyze 20th Century Music. We will emphasize precise musical-theoretical analysis incorporated into clear, persuasive language. The main parts of the course will comprise: 1) atonal pitch-class set theory and atonal music written roughly from 1905 to 1923, 2) 12-tone analytical techniques, and 3) hybrid works.

All course materials are present on this website in the form of pdf files (that you may download) and mp3 files to which you may listen. There will be two video lectures per day; I will compress and upload them to my YOUTUBE channel + Blackboard by 5 p.m. on each day.

All papers must be double-spaced, with 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and your name on each page (no cover pages); please write your name as: First Name + Last Name. Please put the following subject heading on the emails: subject: AT III paper #1 (or #2 for the second; #3 for the third). Papers must be saved as pdf files. I must receive papers by noon US Central Standard Time on the day due; papers will loose 1 letter grade for each day late.

Grades will be determined as follows: (papers will loose 1 grade per day late).

  • Short Paper #1 = 33% (on a primarily atonal piece using atonal pitch-class set theory).
  • Short Paper #2 = 33% (on a primarily serial piece using 12-tone techniques).
  • Short Paper #3 = 33% (on hybrid techniques)