• MUTH 5680 / 6680: Music and Psychoanalysis
  • Mondays: 1-4 MU 322
  • Instructor: Dr. David Bard-Schwarz
  • Office: MU 104
  • E-mail: david.schwarz@unt.edu

Office Hours: Thursdays 1-4

In this class we will explore music and psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan, Žižek). This work has been widely applied to cultural theory, film, art, philosophy, and critical theory; my work has focused on bringing it to music studies, and I will refer throughout the term to my books (on reserve at the library):

  • David Schwarz, Listening Subjects: Music, Psychoanalysis, Culture (Duke UP 1997)

  • David Schwarz, Listening Awry: Music and Alterity in German Culture (U of Minnesota Press, 2006)
  • David Bard-Schwarz, An Introduction to Electronic Art through the Teachings of Jacques Lacan (Strangest Thing) (Routledge, UK 2014)

In addition, the following texts are required: