• 05.10.2021

    Go here for PONG!

    Getting set up

    • Get a website going with iPAGE, GoDaddy, or any other Internet Service Provider; make sure to have the host number (four arabic numbers connected by full stops), your name, and your password.
    • Download Filezilla for uploading files to your server
    • Upload PONG files
    • Send me a link to your site so I can see that PONG is working!

    Become familiar with all aspects of our course and plan your work accordingly!

  • 05.11.2021

    Lindley on Puzzles: pdf

    Freud on the Pleasure Principle: pdf: pdf

    sound design: working with A-440 in Audacity: filters; the illusion of proximity in sound design; the relationship between illusions of proximity and dynamic level; echo and space; periodic and non-periodic sound; sound and noise.

  • 05.12.2021

    Anzieu, The Skin Ego "the sonorous envelope"

    Online sine tone generator

  • 05.13.2021

    Lacan, "the Mirror Staqe: pdf

    Barthes, "the Reality Effect": pdf

  • 05.20.2019

    1) affect (immediate, unmediated impact), emotion (delayed, linguistic processing of affect) Massumi, The Autonomy of Affect: pdf | the six basic emotions

    2) introduction to Sonic Visualizer: pulling mp3 files into the program; what you see and its relation to what you hear

    3) Inside

  • 05.21.2019

    1) Jacques Lacan, "The Mirror Stage": pdf

    2) the acoustic mirror | emotions | pink noise | white noise | A-440 pure frequency: mp3 Choose an emotion and make an audio object describing that emotion using only the tools above!

    3) Inside

  • 05.22.2019

    1) Excerpt from Jeremy Bentham's writings on the prison: pdf | Excerpt from Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish: pdf

    2) make a sound object that makes you feel "observed"

    3) Inside

  • 05.23.2019

    1) VGD "The Influence of Digital Games on Aggression" | Article on Neurology and Psychopathology: link

    2) perfectly repeating sounds tend to sound "mechanical"; repeated sounds with slight irregularities tend to sound "human". Take the two notes below and make a mechanical series of repetitions; then make that human; don't be too obvious with the irregularities; try and make the irregularities something we'd feel but not hear consciously | D natural: mp3 and G natural: mp3

    3) Discussion of Final Projects 1) what's your purpose? 2) who is your audience? 3) is your work thesis-driven (if so, make sure to introduce, present, and comment on evidence), 4) if not, what "free associative" structure will you follow? | writing guidelines: pdf | sample documentation: pdf

  • 05.27.2019

    No Class: Memorial Day

  • 05.28.2019

    1) Todorov, The Two Principles of Narrative: pdf

    2) Make a sound object that suggests you're being watched.

    3) Fez

  • 05.29.2019

    1) Roland Barthes: "An Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narrative": pdf

    2) Audacity an acoustic exquisite corpse (noise); an exquisite corpse: jpg is a game of taking portions of images of different parts of the bodies of different people and making a strange composite image of them. Make a short, auditory exquisite corpse.

    3) Monument Valley

  • 05.30.2019

    Final Project Presentations

  • PONG

    Go here for PONG!